Seating Arrangement of the Tropical Hut, Mount Lavinia Hotel
Candle Light Table Arrangement at Tropical Hut Mount Lavinia Hotel
Tropical Hut Table Arrangement at Mount Lavinia Hotel
Sri Lankan Drummers at the Tropical Hut Mount Lavinia Hotel
Outdoor night function in the Mount Lavinia Beach
Flower Arrangement by the Beach at Mount Lavinia Hotel
Chinese Lanterns in Mount Lavinia Beach
Wedding Couple on an Outdoor Poruwa Set in Mount Lavinia Beach
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Tropical Hut the Ideal Party Venue in Colombo

The Tropical Hut can be used for weddings with up to 120 guests inside the hut. It is mainly used for events such as social gatherings, cocktails, special events, theme parties and DJ nights. This venue can also be used for beach parties with up to 1,000 guests, if the beach is made use of. Sports events such as beach rugby or volleyball can also be staged from this venue

Dimensions: 21.3m x 12.19m
Area: 259.6 m2